Pheasant Bird Amber Brooch (HEN BRH713-BU)


Instantly recognisable, this Silver Pheasant Bird Brooch is full of character and charm.

Handcrafted in 925 Sterling Silver this brooch has Baltic Amber gemstones for the copper plumage and green amber ringneck. Finished with the a vibrant red simulated Coral head and silver detailed tail feathers.

Complete with a solid silver pin and safety clasp.

Pheasants are native to Asia, but were introduced into much of Europe by the Romans, possibly arriving in the UK with the Normans in the 11th century. Largely forgotten and locally extinct up until the 19th century, they became a popular gamebird once again and are extensively reared by gamekeepers.

Stone: Genuine Baltic Amber, Simulated Coral.
Material: 925 Silver.
size: 40 mm x 25 mm.

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