Cognac Amber Modern Pendant Including Chain (HEN HM09/C)


Gorgeous hand polished Natural Baltic Amber Necklace.

A stunning statement Modern Baltic Amber gemstone hand set into 925 Silver. The stone is highly polished which showcases the unusual inclusions inside the Amber.

Comes on a Sterling Silver 16, 18 or 20 inch Chain.

Stone: Natural Baltic Amber
Material: 925 Sterling Silver
pendant size: 25 mm x 25 mm

Amber is a fossilised tree resin dating back around 40-60 million years ago. The original trees that oozed amber resin are long extinct, leaving behind a history of natural beauty.
Found along the shores of the Baltic Coast, Amber in its complete natural form, is rock-like and usually opaque in colour. Most commonly amber is associated with its well know yellow-orange-brown cognac hues.



Beautiful Gemstones Designed by Nature

The Henryka Designer Gemstones Collection is a celebration of completely natural and beautifully rare gemstones from across the world.

Each gemstone is carefully hand-chosen by us for its natural and un-treated colours and patterns. We look for vibrant gemstones we know you will love, as well as rare gemstones you may have never even heard of from all corners of the earth.

Instead of seeking perfection, we choose gemstones based on the natural quirks and inclusions that make them entirely unique. This means incredible stripes, bold spots, wave-like ripples and swirls that give each gemstone its own unique fingerprint.


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