Scorpion Amber Pendant – Including Chain (LB 010269)



Scorpio pendant made of an oxidised Sterling Silver with  different size Cognac Amber stones.

Amber is neither a crystal nor a mineral. It is the hardened sap of an ancient tree. It started out as resin secreted to heal a wound. The resin protected the tree from a certain death by making a sticky, protective barrier against fungus. When the tree eventually fell and began to decay, the sap remained. Buried under layers of vegetation, earth and, sometimes, water, the sap continued to harden from the pressure and heat that naturally builds up in such conditions. This fossilized resin is the final product of millions of years of slow processing…..incredible !!

Comes on a 16  18 or 20 inch Sterling Silver Snake chain.

AMBER SIZE: 11 mm x 5 mm, 12 mm x 6 mm and 3 mm diameter
AMBER SHAPE: pear and round
ITEM SIZE: 50 mm length with the hook, 26 mm width


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