Whitby Jet Reversible To Blue John Pendant

180 million years old, the gemstone Whitby Jet is fossilised wood of the Araucaria tree. The modern day descendant of the Araucaria is the Monkey Puzzle tree (Araucaria Araucana) also known as the Chilean Pine.

Whitby jet was formed during the Jurassic era. 

​Whitby jet is famed for its deep and intense black colour and the lustrous shine that can be achieved by polishing it. It is also very light in weight making it perfect for jewellery. Whitby jet has a hardness of 3.5-4 on the Mohs hardness scale. 

​Deposits of Whitby jet are seen as narrow planks in the cliffs in seams of shale. These deposits are found along a 7.5 mile stretch of North Yorkshire coastline, which Whitby nestles in the middle of. The deposits of Whitby jet also run through the cliff inland under the moors. 

Supplied on a snake,belcher or curb chain of your choice of length…..16, 18 or 20 inches.

Please email us at – bakewelljewellery@gmail.com for prices, sizes, variety of stone etc. If you supply a mobile we can whatsapp photos of stock we have as each piece of Blue John is totally different.

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